Vertical Cities Asia International Design Competition


In an age of ever increasing urbanization with massive migrations from the countryside to the city, Asia is at a significant crossroads. Either existing, unsustainable urban architectural models will continue to be rehashed to accommodate increased population with devastating effects on land, infrastructure, and the environment, or new models of urban architecture will be invented to address the specific needs of Asian urban development. The concept of a 1km x 1km territory in the Beijing region filled with 100,000 people living and working sets the stage for tremendous research and investigation into urban density, verticality, domesticity, work, food, infrastructure, nature, ecology, structure, and programs—the very tenants of urban architecture, compressed into a crucible of urban and architectural innovation.

Brief Details
-Started on 2011,"Vertical Cities Asia" International Design Competition is hold annually, ten prestigious achitectural schools are invited to participate;
-Judged by an international jury of experts;
-World Future Foundation publishes competition theme and details on 1st January every year;
-Participating schools will hold preliminary competition during 1st January to 30th June, and choose two teams for the finals;
-Finals and prize giving ceremony to be held during early July every year, participating students and judges will have ample time to interact;
-This competition is organized by the National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Design and Environment (SDE), and sponsored by the World Future Foundation.

Participating Universities:
-National University of Singapore
-Delft University of Technology
-ETH Zurich
-The Chinese University of Hong Kong
-Tokyo University
-Tongji University
-Tsinghua University
-University of California at Berkeley
-University of Michigan
-University of Pennsylvania




Everyone Needs Fresh Air

China, Sichuan


Everyone Ages

South Korea, Yongshan


Everyone Harvests

Vietnam, Hanoi


Everyone Connects

India, Mumbai


Everyone Unique

Singapore (Proposed)

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