Vertical Cities Asia Exhibition


The unbridled development of the economy has left metropolises confronting a series of major problems. These problems include managing high population density, traffic congestion, environmental pollution, shortage of land resources and high housing prices.

Urban planning and construction professionals have promoted many concepts to tackle these problems, including “Satellite City” and “3D City”. Although the “Satellite City” concept had alleviated pressure from some of these problems, it has still failed to address the fundamental shortage of land resources and environment degradation problems. The “3D City” concept is now being actively pursued as the future direction of urban planning, with increasing activity in research and applications.

The Vertical City Exhibition is based on a project to build a city complex of a height of more than 300 meters that could accommodate 10 million people living and working in a 1 square kilometre piece of land. This complex will be developed to meet the housing, work, educational, medical, entertainment needs of its residents. By adopting the latest advancement in renewable energy, green technology and intelligent building management system, it will become a self-sufficient eco-smart city.

The first Vertical City exhibition was held from November 28, 2009 to February 28, 2010 in Beijing. The design works of Paolo Soleri and MVRDV were shown at this exhibition. From July 29 to August 28, 2010, the exhibition was relocated to Chengdu Museum of Industry Civilization, where models of “3D Cities” from the world’s top architects and university students were displayed. For its last outing, the exhibition was subsequently held at Hebei Langfang International Convention Centre on September 4, 2010. On 15th Feb, 2012, The First VCA International Design Exhibition “Everyone needs Fresh Air” was launched in Redevelopment Authority Centre, Singapore and had a month-long exhibition open to the public from 2nd Feb. From 1st to 4th July, 2012, this exhibition has been displayed during the World Cities Summit. From 28th Jun to 19th Jul, 2013, the second VCA International Design Exhibition “Everyone Ages” was displayed in Redevelopment Authority (URA) Centre, Singapore. Similiarlythe third VCA International Design Exhibition “Everyone Harvests” was once again held at URA Centre, Singapore between 6th Jul and 26th Jul, 2014.