PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research


The World Future Foundation (WFF) has a vision and passion for sustainable development. We understand the urgent need to address the multi-faceted issues confronting humanity and the natural world in which we live. We believe that active research into new technologies and the deployment of innovative solutions to environmental issues will help shift unconstrained consumption to restrained, sustainable consumption of renewable resources.

An incentive award for excellence in environmental and sustainability research, entitled “World Future Foundation PhD Awards in Environmental and Sustainability Research”, was the first of its kind to be awarded in Singapore. This is a unique honour, distinguished from other academic and literary prizes because of its multidisciplinary coverage. The prize was awarded in 2010 and 2011 at both National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Each outstanding PhD thesis was awarded a sum of USD $10,000, with a total of ten awards. WFF funded the prize for a trial period of one year in 2010, with the term funding of USD $100,000. The success of the prize in 2010 ensured continued cooperation with the two universities. In May 2011, WFF signed the gift agreement to give the Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research for the next five years (2011-2015); contributing another USD $250,000 to each NUS and NTU.

NUS is a leading global centre of interdisciplinary research, education and expertise in the Environment. Particularly in areas affecting Singapore and Asia, NUS conducts cutting-edge research in a range of high impact areas from fundamental research to applied science, to address critical environmental topics.

NTU is a thought and action leader in environmental sustainability, with a proven track record in research and successful technology development in energy and water related fields. NTU has also consciously avoided a remote “academic pedestal” posture and instead actively seeks relevance and interaction within society and industry.

The PhD Prize is the Foundation’s first step to establish long term partnerships with NUS and NTU to groom future research and development leaders in these important fields.

Annual Awards:

Year 2010, on 13th of July, an award ceremony was held at NUS.

on 14th of July, another separate award ceremony was held at NTU.

Year 2011, on 8th of July, the award ceremony was held jointly at NTU.

Year 2012, on 11th of July, the award ceremony was held jointly at NUS.

Year 2013, on 11th of July, the award ceremony was held jointly at NTU.

Year 2014, on 10th of July, the award ceremony was held jointly at NUS.