Collections of Singapore Social Management Innovation



Singapore is known as a beautiful garden city state, one of four Asian economy tigers. As a city-state without natural resources, Singapore leaped from the third world to the first world power within less than half century. Its livable environment, spirit of law, stable political situation and pro-innovation atmosphere attracts top-notch talents and business opportunities. Under tumultuous economy, Singapore takes full advantage of opportunities to transform itself successfully and keeps abreast of times.

Currently, China is thinking about further reform albeit the remarkable economic achievement, to realise social justice and equality. Three decade ago, Deng xiaoping, the paramount leader of China’s reform and opening up, once named Singapore as a paragon that China should learn from. Thirty years later, Singapore experience is still applicable in China, regarding grassroots management, party development and cohesion building among people. Learning Singapore spirit and experience is very familiar to Chinese people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, there is no collection of books which systematically and comprehensively introduce Singapore to meet the demand of people in China who want to understand Singapore holistically and learn from its experience.

Under this backdrop, World Future Foundation, a Singapore –based charitable organization, jointly collaborates with Singapore Research Centre attached to Shenzhen University to launch the collection of books on Singapore Social Innovation and Management.

This collection of books plans to introduce the successful story and models of Singapore from diverse perspectives, ranging from PAP evolution, crisis management to harmonious ethnic relations. Through this collection of books, readers could thoroughly understand the fundamental reasons behind the prosperous,stable and harmonious Singapore.

This collection invites a group of top - notch scholars, experienced practitioners and senior journalists to write the books. Their unique perspective and rich experience enable readers to see a united yet diverse Singapore through vivid depiction and hands - on stories sharing.

The Chinese partner of this collection of books is Singapore Research Center attached to Shenzhen University. Its director, Prof LV Yuanli is editor in charge of this collection of books. The Singapore Research Center was established in 2008. It is the best Singapore research center in China, which comprehensive and multi-discipline research on every facet of Singapore has been conducted. Currently, the researchers have conducted 8 research projects sponsored by national social research fund, published 60 journal papers and 7 books.

This collection of 15 books will be published in two editions in Chinese by a renowned Chinese publisher, CS - Booky between late 2014 and early 2015.

"Singapore becomes a hot spot for Chinese officials to learn from after 1992. Since then, over hundreds of thousands of Chinese officials visited Singapore for training and study. Many provinces and cities back in China are launching campaigns to learn Singapore experience. To achieve that goal, there is a necessary prerequisite that they have to learn the social innovation and management experience in Singapore in a systematic, in-depth and dynamic way."

Sun Jingfeng
Professor, Hennan Normal University

"I am impressed by the works and achievements of the World Future Foundations has made. The series of Singapore Social Management Innovation is visionary with great impact. We hope to collectively implement our ideas that philanthropy could transform the society and impact every individual via this collaboration."

Huang Junqing
General Manger, China South Booky Culture Media Co., LTD