The first Singapore charity foundation to support the application of blockchain technology

The World Future Foundation confirmed their Support for Blockchain Application Development


On April 12, the World Future Foundation 2018 Council held a meeting in Singapore.  In the meeting, it was proposed and approved by the council that The World Future Foundation will expand its donation direction to “promote the development of blockchain application research and drive the development and application”. The first charity foundation that support the development of blockchain technology was born.


Technological development and innovative application are the eternal true of the progress of human society.  How to actively make use of new technologies and advance technological innovations to promote efficiency of the social civilization has always been a mission of The World Future Foundation.  While the blockchain technology has shown great application prospects, The World Future Foundation has made in-depth reflection and has recognized and valued the social development opportunities brought about by the blockchain technology. We believe a great deal of social progress will be enhanced with the application of the blocakchain technology.


The World Futures Foundation adheres to the vision of “developing science and technology for the future”. In the midst of the wave of new technology and applications, the Foundation decided to change the direction of donations from the “sustainable development of the environment and society” to “promote blockchains technology research and application development.  The Foundation will cooperate with world-renowned universities to establish a blockchain research center to explore the application of blockchain technology in financial services, urban construction, social security and organizational management.


Based in Singapore, this Council also elected Mr. Wang Dejian, Mr. Zhang Dongdong, Mr. Tian Ye, and Mr. Yang Xian to join the new Council and work with enthusiastic people from all walks of life to further expand the resources of the Foundation and jointly promote the future development of the world.  The new members of the Council will be as follows: Mr. Feng Lun, Chairman, Mr. Wang Dejian, Vice Chairman, Mr. Zhang Dongdong, Mr. Tian Ye , Mr. Yang Xian, Mr. Zeng Xiuwei, and Mr. Feng Yuliang.


The meeting also reviewed and summarized the series of prideful work that the World Future Foundation and its global management team have done in the past.  Many of these activities have promoted the sustainable development of the environment and society in Singapore.


The World Future Foundation was initiated in 2007 by a group of enthusiastic public welfare Chinese entrepreneurs and professionals, including Mr. Feng Lun. The Foundation was subsequently registered in Singapore in 2008.At the beginning, the Foundation was committed to uniting entrepreneurs, scientists and professionals to jointly contribute wisdom, financial resources, and personal connections to create peaceful, equality and prosperity sustainable society.